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Fear / Being Frightened

"I was absolutely petrified / terrified" - This means I was really really scared!

"I was scared stiff" - This means, I was really frightened, and I couldn't move.

"It frightened the life out of me" - This means It really frightened me.

"I jumped / It made me jump"- When something scares or surprises you and you jump into the air.

Shocked - I was really shocked

"I was speechless" - I was so shocked that I didn't know what to say. I was lost for words.

"I was shocked and stunned" - I was so shocked that I didn't know what to do.

"I was stunned" - I can't move.

"I couldn't believe my eyes" - When you see something shocking and you can't believe it!

"I couldn't believe my ears" - This is when you hear something, like some shocking news, and you don't believe it!


"I was absolutely furious! " - I was really really angry.

"I was so pissed off" - Pissed off means angry. It's informal, and a bit rude. In American English they say "I was pissed", but in British English 'pissed' means 'drunk'.

"I lost my temper" - I became angry. We never use the word 'temper' on its own. We only use it in expressions like this. "Don't lose your temper" "You're so bad tempered"

"I hit the roof" - This is an idiom which means 'I became really really angry' The roof is the top part of your house, so if you hit the roof, it means you fly through the top of the house with anger!


"I was absolutely delighted" - This means I was really really happy.

"I was chuffed (to bits)" - Chuffed means really happy or pleased. It is informal English. It isn't rude. "I was over the moon" - This is an idiom which means I was really really happy.


"I was absolutely devastated" - This means I was really really disappointed. I was so disappointed, that I was nearly destroyed. Very serious.

"I was gutted" - Again, this means I was really disappointed. 'Gutted' is an informal expression. It isn't rude.


"I was absolutely heart-broken" - I was really really sad, like when your girlfriend has left you...

"I was really down in the dumps" - This means I was depressed and sad. 

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